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Wonderful service

Mar 14, 2018 by Stacey McKee

We always receive the best service when we visit. Today we needed to be in and out as quickly as possible and they accommodated us beautifully. The staff is amazing and they always give our kids the best care!

The Best Dentist We've Ever Had

Feb 08, 2018 by Katie

Yesterday was my 10 year old's first appointment at Snodgrass-King and no lie, he left saying 'I wish I could stay there all day. It was so relaxing. Usually I hate the dentist but I loved that place'.
The hygienists were super knowledgeable, friendly and really took the time to talk with my son. They use kid-friendly language like 'wiggle a tooth out' vs 'extract' or 'pull out' and took the time to make sure I had all my questions answered. We are switching to this dentist for our other two boys today!

Best Dental office

Dec 28, 2017 by Cheryl Bailey

I have been to a lot of dental offices.
Snodgrass and King is simply the best!
The care we received is phenomenal.

Simply the best

Aug 10, 2017 by Susan Davis

I have three daughters that have been coming to Snodgrass and King for at least 4 years now. Every staff person I have had contact with have all been outstanding, from scheduling, front desk, the dental hygienist, billing, the dentist and now everyone in the orthodontics side! My girls love coming to the dentist and that is something my husband still cannot understand! (Haha) We are truly grateful for the wonderful experience it has always been for my girls to come to your office!


Jul 03, 2017 by Katherine

We love these guys! Dr Miriam has taken such great care of our entire family! She is amazing at straightening things out, and is the nicest while doing it! We recommend this group to everyone!

Awesome people!

Jun 30, 2017 by Felicia Thepthongsay

My son (7yrs old) got top braces and a expander. He was up at 4:00 am so excited to get his equipment to help with his smile. They were patient, caring and informative with him and myself. He needs this equipment to help prevent a surgery. Sarah was super nice and so was Dr. Nic. They went above and beyond with customer service. I like that they take time to talk to the kids about what they are going to do to you which I feel helps with kids anxiety about the procedures. They were super nice and helpful when my son lost his pillows so quickly after getting them and had us in and out with news ones in less than 24 hours later. I highly recommend the Murfreesboro office. They even took the time to send him a personal hand written note in the mail.


May 08, 2017 by MARINA

I have been a patient with them for 5 years. My family of 5 all come to Snodgrass-King. My teeth look amazing due to Dr. Mariam. I am so thankful that I came here.


Nov 01, 2016 by Melody Shockey

Snodgrass is hands down the best. They are dedicated to helping your children take care of their teeth. The atmosphere is great and you feel like family when you walk in

Great Dentist & Orthodontist

Oct 18, 2016 by Kristi Rollins

My kids and I love Snodgrass and King. We have been a client for 10 years and have been very pleased with the services we get from this office. The ortho department has been awesome as well.

Wonderful experience

Oct 17, 2016 by Brandi V

My daughter has been a patient at Snodgrass-King for about the last 6 years. Her appointment last week for a cleaning with Jackie was the best she's ever had. Jackie was so sweet and patient with my daughter and took time to explain proper brushing and flossing techniques. She even gave her a pack of flossers to use at home! My 9 year old told her that she's the best hygentist she's ever had and I agree!

great dentist!

Oct 12, 2016 by amy h

i have seen dr snodgrass since i was really little, i first started seeing him when he was at the hermitage location. now i have 4 kids of my own and my kids love going to the office!

Great Experience

Sep 29, 2016 by Mrs. England

I have 13yr triplet daughters that are patients of Snodgrass-King and we are really happy with how beautiful their teeth look. Two of the girls are now in retainers and one is still in braces. We have had such a great time with the staff and the Orthodontist explaining every step of the process. We love the care and attention we receive with every visit. Scheduling appointments and a short wait time is always nice when you have more than one child. The office staff is very friendly and the waiting room is fun and comfortable. Thank You. We Love it......


Sep 26, 2016 by Cheyenne

Always patient with all my many rubber band colors. I love this place so much.


Sep 07, 2016 by Jonathan

I have been a patient of Dr. Miriam for over 3 years and my kids have been seeing Dr. Snodgrass for 5 years. We are all completely sold on the OUTSTANDING quality of care received by both dentistry and orthodontist sides of their business. Doctors and staff are all incredible and I will continue to trust Snodgrass-King for all of my dentistry needs. Thank you all very much!!


Aug 09, 2016 by Christin

I have been coming here along with my sister for about 6 years and always have a great experience. The staff always make you feel comfortable and welcome there are no long waiting times it's over all a great dentist and ortho care provider 🙂 I would recommend for adults and children.

Aug 08, 2016 by Heather Olson

Dr. Snodgrass (dentist) and staff and Dr. Miriam (orthodontist) and staff at Snodgrass and King Pediatric Dental Associates have given our oldest daughter the best accessory anyone can wear, a gorgeous smile once her braces came off. All 3 of our daughters have been going to the office of Snodgrass and King since their first dental appointment as toddlers and we have been nothing but happy. The staff are all thorough when explaining any process, they are friendly, professional, and have a naturally lovely, genuine, caring personality. The office setting is kid friendly with video games, a fish tank, horses to ride, etc My children look forward to the dentist and as many parents know, that is saying a lot since many children try to avoid going at all costs. I highly recommend this practice for anyone seeking dental or orthodontic treatment for their children.

Grew up here

Aug 03, 2016 by Alexis Wallace

My entire family and I have come here for over a decade and we truly enjoy the experience. They have a wonderful staff (especially Angela from Ortho). I would recommend them to both kids and adults alike.

Braces follow up appointment

Aug 02, 2016 by Lacey Hazlett

We enjoyed Snodgrass & King in Murfreesboro and the service they provided. The only issue we had was with our daughters permanent retainer. Since getting her braces off last year she has had to have the permanent retainer replaced twice. We were able to get a quick appointment scheduled to have the retainer put back in. The 2nd time the retainer had to be put in we were told a stronger bonding would be used. So far, so good.

Great experience

Aug 01, 2016 by Jennifer Jordan

We have three daughters that have been coming to Snodgrass/King since they were toddlers. Now, years later and through braces for two of our three girls we could not be more pleased. The staff have always treated us so well and with a smile. I would recommend this group to anyone who is looking for a friendly, professional dentist.

Wonderful Work!

Jul 29, 2016 by Kim Vizcarra

My daughter had a wonderful experience having her teeth cared for while at Snodgrassking Dental. She celebrated the completion of her orthodontic treatment. She loves her smile! I always recommend them to any friends and family looking for outstanding care! My kids love coming into the office knowing they will be treated with patience and a caring attitude!

Great Place for Kids

Jul 20, 2016 by Tyisha A Brooks

My son has been going here for four years: ages 2-6. He's been getting baby teeth pulled strategically so that his adult teeth have room to grow in as straight as possible. I was a little uneasy when he turned 4 and I had to wait in the lobby for him. I'm used to it now, and he needs a lil independence. I'm an educator and it's important for kids to have those experiences. Also, they tend to behave better and act tougher without mommy & daddy around. 😉 He had his 9th baby tooth pulled today & I can't wait for the other teeth to shift and straighten up again.

Excellent Dentist & Ortho

Jul 18, 2016 by Kim Knight

My four children and I have been patients of Snodgrass King for 10 years now and we have been very pleased with all services. Three have had braces and we have been very happy with all services provided on both the children's and adult side. I highly recommend them!

great job!

Jun 21, 2016 by Kristie

Snodgrass-King has been my orthodontist for about 10 or 11 years. I just visited today to have my bottom permanent retainer removed. They where so nice and very considerate of how I was feeling during each step of the process. They have always taken care of me and always ask how comfortable I am in the processes they use. Thank you Snodgrass-King!

Dr Tiffany, Leah, dara, Ashley, Melinda

Jun 15, 2016 by Paul Remagen

I have been going to Snodgrass and king for I know the past 10 yrs and I want to say 1st and foremost these professionals have take care of me and my family and worked with me and my family to resolve and take care of our teeth. Both of my kids have brace's i have had a bunch of work done and all these lady's has bent over backwards to help us in any way they can. From the front office with insurance to the back office with dr Tiffany,dara,leah and Ashley. I will never be anywhere else. Thank you again springhill Snodgrass and king

Amazing services

Jun 13, 2016 by Kayleehash

The services are wonderful and they take care of you


Jun 13, 2016 by Kayleehash

The staff,services and the other things are amazing . They take great care of you and they provide excellent services.

Amazing Staff

Jun 08, 2016 by Meagan Kinslow

I have been with Dr. Snodgrass since I was 5. He always made me feel comfortable and always explained everything in a way I could understand. Now, my son, Brayden, and I both go. Brayden always looks forward to going to see Dr. Snodgrass. The staff is amazing and very personable. They have worked with me on the payment issues I was having without blinking an eye. I would highly recommend them to EVERYBODY!! Especially if you are bringing children. Thank you guys for everything you have done!! I appreciate it all!

Love it

Jun 08, 2016 by Jessica Paden

I absolutely love coming here! Staff is amazing and do such a great job! I will always love this place and come here for as long as I can.


May 31, 2016 by J. Burkeen

Dr. Roedig and his staff are amazing. They are very prompt and we're always greeted with a smile. My daughter just had her braces removed and the results are awesome. They explained everything in detail and addressed any concerns that we had. Thank you Snodgrass and King-Spring Hill!!

Great experience

May 22, 2016 by Jennifer

Great service! Friendly staff! Best experience every time I go!


May 12, 2016 by Hayley Johnson

I just got my braces off. My teeth are awesome, they were so nice when I was there. They are quick and they explained everything, they are such nice people. Thank you Snodgrass and King for my beautiful smile!!!


May 12, 2016 by CHANNA JOHNSON

My daughter and myself have been going to Snodgrass and King for 5 years now, there is no better place to go. They treat you with respect and dignity, their work is outstanding. My daughter looks forward to going to all of her orthodontic appointments no pain and very kind gentle people.

Love It! ?

Apr 25, 2016 by Brandy Wallace

My daughter went for her second visit this morning. She absolutely loves going. Everyone is very nice and we are out of there quickly. They are sure to ask if you have questions and take the time to answer them. Great experience!

Care AND Compassion! Who knew?!?!

Feb 18, 2016 by Brooke H.

I do not usually take time to post comments, take surveys, etc- but Dr. Snodgrass and his team deserve special recognition. These people are going above and beyond day in and day out. I first brought my 4 year old to them 6 months ago when she was complaining of tooth pain. They got me in the day after I called which is amazing, but I should also mention they offered to see her same day- I just couldn't work it out until the following day. When we got there, my daughter was scared to death. Sadly, because of new insurance, we had been to see another dentist and it was a horrible experience. It scared her to death, and made her afraid of the mere mention of going to the dentist. From the time we entered their door, every single person did everything they could to comfort and calm her. She had to have some work done, and even had to get the sleepy juice (that's what we call it at our house), but through the entire process, the team remained calm and continued to reassure her (and me as I FREAKED out in the waiting room) The doctor handled everything as quickly as possible, and we were on our way. Rhea, who was absolutely amazing, even called to check on my baby girl later that night to see how she was recovering. I really do not know what else could possibly be expected of a dental office, but these folks are amazing! Last week, my daughter got a hold of a Starburst at school and lost a cap. I called the emergency line, and the woman who answered was SO nice! Who wants to be bothered on their weekend by some mother who is freaking out at the moment? But she was not bothered at all. She calmed me down, reassured me, and let me know what to do next. We are coming in on Monday to get the cap fixed, as well as her cleaning. I do not want my daughter seen by any other office, ever again! Dr Snodgrass and team, you are amazing, and appreciated!!!

Could not ask for better

Feb 17, 2016 by Kristy H.

I absolutely love this place and these doctors. My boys have been going to see Dr Snodgrass for about 10 years now and they have been the absolute BEST to us and my boys. They work with us in every situation. The boys love the lobby and feel relaxed their. I don't to fight them to go to the dentist EVER. If you are looking for a dentist that actually cares about your child's health and teeth, you won't find anyone better than this place and Dr Snodgrass. I cannot say enough about him and his staff and how good they have been to us for many years.

Jan 14, 2016 by Amber

The staff is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Answered Andy questions or concerns that I had and gave useful tips going forward to keep my son's smile pretty. The staff was so patient with my son and I am very pleased with our visit. Oh, my little one also loved the lobby. It had Legos for him to play with, fish to look at and games to play. Snodgrass-King is the perfect example of an exceptional experience

Enjoyed My Visit

Dec 29, 2015 by Brandi Alderson

It is a pleasure to be greeted by smiling faces and have your teeth cleaned by capable staff. I am thankful that customer service is still important!

Overall good experience

Dec 02, 2015 by Janell Wolfe

I brought my children in for a cleaning and were very happy with the facility and employees. However, when one of my children had to come back for an extraction with the use of nitrous, I was unable to go back with him. He's only 6 and understandably apprehensive about the procedure. I was told the room was too small and I needed to stay in the waiting area. When he gets a cleaning, I am able to accompany him back and this seems backwards to me. I think there should at least be a chair immediately outside of the room for the parent to sit in and be close by.

Great experience!

Oct 28, 2015 by Crystal Bean

This pediatric dentistry is very knowledgeable and helpful. We got a second opinion with Snodgrass & king. About major dental surgery for my 5 yr old.The other dentist was going to charge us $1200.00 for such procedure, AND wanted to put him to sleep via IV. Snodgrass & King went to the extra mile to check with our insurance & found several instances where the previous dentistry did not try & get the correction applied. So, Snodgrass & king thoroughly researched insurance to find several discounts & coverage. Thank you assuring us our bill would only be a little over $300. $900 difference.

Best Detinist Ever

Sep 28, 2015 by Grace

They are the best thank you for all you do!

Best Detinist Ever

Sep 28, 2015 by Grace

They are the best thank you for all you do!

Aug 28, 2015 by Sabrina

Want to thank the ladies at the front desk at the spring hill location for helping me today with my daughter that had a low blood sugar of 68???? you guys came to my daughters rescue with juice and chocolate!! Thanks so much for being so caring!!

Above and Beyond

Apr 21, 2015 by Heather Wall

Our experience at Snodgrass and King has been positive from every aspect. They are able to see all six of my children at the same time, keep things on schedule so we rarely have to wait more than a few minutes to be seen, are thorough, friendly, and helpful. The fun waiting room makes it so the children are excited to go to the dentist. Dr. Snodgrass was intent on helping us get our son into braces and bent over backwards to help accommodate our needs to do so. We love Snodgrass and King.

Love this place!

Apr 02, 2015 by Brittany P

I started going to Snodgrass-King because it was convenient and across the street from my office. The office staff is so friendly, my hygienist Amber is the absolute best!, and Dr. H knows her stuff. Now that I live and work 3o miles away - I refuse to switch. Come to Snodgrass-King if you care about your teeth.

Adult Restorative

Mar 02, 2015 by Stacy

I had 2 beautiful ceramic crowns placed and I am just thrilled with how nice they look and how easy the process was. Dr. Bargatze was very pleasant and the two assistants, Carrie and Heidi were very thorough and gentle.

The Best

Feb 10, 2015 by Sabrina Skinner

I am so pleased with my daughter Emily's orthodontic care from Doctor Jason and his group!! They treat you like family, not like a number waiting in line to go back for treatment. They always make sure that she gets what she needs! i want to thank Becky for helping me yesterday with insurance questions and helping us out. Want to thank Dr. Jason for always making Emily feel great about her appearance, she has a better attitude toward the way she looks since she has gotten braces. He is the best and my girls think so too. We will always have a great dental home! Thanks everyone from Dr. Jason, girls at the front desk, Becky, dental hygienist, and ortho!!

My Favorite Thing From Childhood

Feb 06, 2015 by Erin Ritter Wilder

I first started seeing Dr. Snodgrass in 1992 when I was eight years old (3rd grade). My parents were determined to make sure their children's oral health was always a priority as their parents hadn’t provided that to them. When my and my sister’s adult teeth began to grow in, my parents knew we would need a lot of dental attention (me more so than she, but she would be in need of an appliance and braces, too!). As a middle class family of five with two working parents (because they had to be!), it was essential to get the best care for their children with a constant reminder that money did not grow on trees. My parents took me to several orthodontists to get their opinions on the best way to go about my needed dental work (I had permanent teeth in all the wrong places). After meeting with Dr. Snodgrass, they knew they needed to choose him (not to mention that his payment plan was realistic and extremely fair)! Oh, and how grateful I will forever be to both my parents and to Dr. Snodgrass!!!
I am 31 now, and my sister is 30. Daily we still get commented on how beautiful our smiles/ teeth are! Three and a half years with braces, oral surgery, and springs of all sorts in my mouth (thank goodness for those bars of wax!) from age 8-12, I owe it all to Dr. Snodgrass and his amazing staff (our favorite hygienist was named Debbie; she was fantastic!). We regularly have discussions about our almost-weekly visits to Dr. Snodgrass's office and how much fun we had there! We loved (and still love) going to the dentist!
When my husband and I start a family, we will 100% bring our children to Snodgrass-King, no questions asked! Thank you so much for the beautiful smile, childhood memories, and love of the dentist that I will forever have because of you.
-Erin Ritter Wilder


Feb 05, 2015 by J Elliott

We have four children and have been patients of Dr Snodgrass for 5 years. We have been seen by Dr. Snodgrass and many of the same hygienists each time we have been there over the years. He always takes the time to chat with us and be silly with the kids. We never feel that we are being rushed out. Dr. Snodgrass makes sure to fully explain any treatments that may be needed or steps that can be taken at home that will help to avoid costly procedures. I am grateful to be able to rely on a comfortable and professional atmosphere each time we visit.

Amazing Experience

Feb 04, 2015 by Carmen Brandy

I just moved from Florida to Franklin, Tn. just over a year ago. My mom was trying to find a dentist for our family and found your office online. The first time I came into your office, I was amazed at how incredible it was! The entire staff was so kind to me which really helped me feel more relaxed.
I have to be honest, I did NOT want braces! I am an up and coming 16 year old Country Artist and braces was the last thing I wanted to have put on! But I knew that it would be better in the long run so I made the best of it and I am so glad my parents chose Snodgrass King Dental. The office was always great a scheduling appointments that fit my busy music schedule. They definitely went the extra mile on making my experience go smoothly.
Well, I am so happy to say that today (2/4/15) I got my braces off!!! My teeth look FANTASTIC! Doctor Miriam and her team were so awesome. Now when I look back, I am so thankful that I got braces, what a difference it makes. My smile looks so much more prettier! I just want to thank Dr. Snodgrass and his entire staff again for making my experience there far beyond what I expected, and I would highly recommend them!
God Bless, Carmen Brandy

more then needed helping hand

Oct 27, 2014 by randi henson

Went in today for a cleaning and check up on my oldest daughter. All went amazing with her as always. While talking to Dr. Snodgrass I asked him if he knew of any free dental days coming up? He asked could he look and as a person with no dental insurance I was hesitant. Thinking of only dollar amounts but I figure he can't make my problem worse by Just looking. So he looked at my teeth and asked did I want them pulled today of course I said yes because I had one wisdom tooth pushing on the one in front of it which had broken off in places. Pretty painful and every dentist I had visited wanted crazy amounts to pull one tooth and I had 3. I have never had anyone extend a helping hand like Dr. Snodgrass did for me today. I am so greatful for what him and his amazing staff. You have touched my heart. You reminded me that they are still caring, helpful, and kind people in this world. There are not enough ways for me to say thank you for all you did for me.

Excellent Care

Sep 08, 2014 by Aaron

I don't often write reviews for any product or service, but felt compelled to recommend Snodgrass-King for both pediatric and adult dentistry. They have always taken great care of my daughter and just had my teeth cleaned after a couple years of neglect. I feel like I have new teeth. A big thank you.

This office gives a new concept of going to the dentist.

Aug 05, 2014 by Anonymous

This office gives a new concept of going to the dentist. The office environment was great, staff is excellent, and the experience was amazing! Everyone was thorough with the service details. I would recommend anyone of any age to see Dr. Snodgrass and the entire dental crew!

My kids will never go to another dentist because I know Snodgrass King will take care of my kids like they are their own.

Aug 05, 2014 by Anonymous

We went to another dentist and it was 'fun' for the kiddos. However, when we went to Snodgrass King, they did stuff that the other dentist didn't to ensure their teeth were healthy. The doctor was so incredibly thorough, thoughtful and caring. They taught my kids (and me) what exactly to do and when and how. My kids will never go to another dentist because I know Snodgrass King will take care of my kids like they are their own.

My trust has been well placed.

Jul 10, 2014 by Karen Bryant

I love bringing my kids to be cared for by the good folks at Snodgrass-King. We have been going there for the last 13 years. Everyone was sweet, cordial, and very professional. My trust has been well placed. Thank you.

This was my children's very first visit to a dentist.

Jun 11, 2014 by Sabrina Osse

This was my children's very first visit to a dentist. I was extremely nervous for them, but from the moment we walked in the door into the child-friendly waiting area until the moment we walked out those very same doors, everything went better than I could have ever expected! All of the staff that I interacted with provided excellent service for my children and made them feel very comfortable while having their procedures done. Dr. Snodgrass exhibited a high level of knowledge and compassion not only for his profession, but for his patients as well.

We have never had anything less than a fantastic experience!!

Jun 11, 2014 by Meghan's Mom

We have never had anything less than a fantastic experience!! On this particular visit, Karen went above and beyond explaining the importance of flossing and even demonstrated with the braces and gave us some great tips to make it more fun - floss to a short playlist of your fav songs. All the staff is always so friendly and extremely helpful!

It is never a hassle going in for a cleaning.

Jun 05, 2014 by Nancy Johnson

It is never a hassle going in for a cleaning. The staff and doctors seem to run on time and are always very pleasant and friendly. We have been going for so long we seem to know most everyone and they know us. It is great- in and out- and the staff there is always willing to provide whatever service is needed or will reschedule to our convenience. Thank you for helping to take care of my kids!!

You and your hygienists are always so gentle.

May 13, 2014 by Anonymous

My 2-year-old daughter adores visiting Dr. Snodgrass. She has been coming here since she chipped her front tooth at 16 months old. You and your hygienists are always so gentle with her, and you always wait until she is completely comfortable before starting her cleaning and examination. This morning you gave her sunglasses to wear when she was feeling a little scared, and she relaxed instantly. Thank you for making her experiences so easy and fun!

Thank you for Treating / Keeping Me and My Family First

Apr 10, 2014 by Philip C Williams

They all care about your dental health.
1. They are on time, every time.
2. Very very thorough
3. They hire the top employees!!
4. Always willing to work with every insurance, and give great advice.
5. Thank you for the best service - Thank you for treating / keeping me and my family first. (How it should be).

It is well worth the 50 mile drive one way!

Apr 10, 2014 by anonymous

It was my daughter's first visit to a dentist, so she was a little nervous about what to expect. However, she was so comfortable with the kid-friendly environment from the minute we walked in the door she did not want to leave! Her hygienist did an excellent job making her feel comfortable. So glad we decided to come here. It is well worth the 50 mile drive one way!

They have ALWAYS treated my children with care and love!

Mar 24, 2014 by Alecia B.

Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates have been taking care of my boys for 6 years now. My youngest being 4 and my oldest 14, they have ALWAYS treated my children with care and love. Their staff is professional and friendly...they truly love and care about what they do!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone! We look forward to seeing you on our next visit!

As a health care professional and a mom my expectations can be high but this office far exceeded them.

Feb 24, 2014 by Anonymous

The staff is so informative, kind and age appropriate for the children. The MDs were kind and took the time to make my daughter feel comfortable.....took the fear of the Dentist away. After a procedure there was a follow-up the same day. As a health care professional and a mom my expectations can be high but this office far exceeded them. I can not imagine taking my daughter anywhere else.

I must say that going to the dentist is easier with you folks!

Jan 23, 2014 by Nancy

I even got a call to remind me to take my antibiotics before my appt. Melba is so very good at what she does and she always seems to care too. Everyone in the office makes a person feel welcomed. I must say that going to the dentist is easier with you folks!

The convenience of family care under one roof as well as being treated as though we are family.

Jan 23, 2014 by DP

My family tried many dentists before finding Snodgrass King. We are thrilled the search is over! My kids no longer dread going to the dentist which means less stress for Mom. The convenience of family care under one roof as well as being treated as though we are family. Kudos to Snodgrass King!

Snodgrass King , USA 5.0 5.0 64 64 We always receive the best service when we visit. Today we needed to be in and out as quickly as possible and they accommodated us beautifully. The staff is amazing and they always